Contest Rules


Occasionally Snek Week may have a giveaway or a contest, the following outlines and specifies the general rules and regulations that will govern these contest and giveaways. If it is not explicitly stated in the following, the issue will be assumed to be false.


Snek Week contest and giveaways are open to all subscribers past and present. You may subscribe to Snek Week up until any drawing or contest winner is announced and still be eligible to win. If you signup after the winner is announced or the drawing is held you are not eligible to be considered for that contest or giveaways prize.

Subscribers who have emails that bounce will not be eligible for prizes.


All prizes will be automatically distributed to subscribers who have a wallet address listed in their profile. If your prize is not automatically distributed because you do not have a wallet address in your profile, you have 14 days in which to claim your prize.

Snek Week will email any contest or giveaway winner who does not have a wallet address in their profile informing them that you are indeed the winner and the steps necessary in order to claim the prize. Snek week will send 3 emails to the winner, 1 as soon as the winner is announced, a 2nd email a few days later and a 3rd and final email a few days before the deadline for claiming the prize.

Failure of the winner to claim the prize within the 14 day period will result in the prize being canceled and no winner will be determined for that given contest or giveaway.


Snek Week reserves the right to offer a different prize of equal value if the original offered prize is unavailable.

Subscriber Profile

Please be sure that your subscriber profile is up to date. Up to date means that your email address is correct and that you’ve included a wallet address or $handle for your prize to be sent to if you want to automatically receive your prize.