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(07/30/2023 to 08/05/2023)

Welcome to Issue #2 of Snek Week. Last week was our first issue and it was a big experiment to see what worked and what didn’t. And with the overwhelmingly positive feedback and massive gain in subscribers what we’re doing must be working. So this week, we’re going to take what we did last week and expand on it to improve our coverage of the Week in Snek. This week we’ve added Total Value Locked, starting form Wednesday and we’ve also picked up our first Sponsor, Snek Pics

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Our vision is to create a sustainable and inclusive token on the Cardano blockchain, providing a fun and rewarding experience to our community.

We think it is necessary to experiment, innovate, make mistakes, adapt and use the tools available to our advantage. We believe in the power of community as being the most important factor in the success of a project.

Our #1 mission will always be to keep our holders happy and entertained in the most transparent and fairest way.

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Sunday… (07/30/2023)

What is

Today in Snek

Sunday was one of the first days that Snek was available as a collateral asset on LenFi, and owww-weee did it make a huge impact. In fact, Snek quickly became one of, if not the top most lent / borrowed asset on the platform.

Snek on X (Twitter)

Golfy is Typing…

After 2 days on Lenfi, Snek represents ~10% of total Lenfi TVL

The Price of Snek

Price Change Since Yesterday: +6.5%

Total Snek Burned: 700,523,077

CurrencyPrice24h Volume

Monday… (07/31/2023)

Space Snek

Today in Snek

More news about LenFi, Snek continues to be super popular as the Total Value Locked of Snek quickly passes 5 billion Snek which represents about 6% of the total supply. 

Snek on X (Twitter)

There was no news on X (Twitter) today. 

Golfy is Typing…

Lenfi wallet will soon be the #1 SNEK wallet by balance

Top Snek Wallets

The Price of Snek

Price Change Since Yesterday-6.61%

Total Snek Burned: 725,865,936

CurrencyPrice24h Volume

Tuesday… (08/01/2023)

Change my mind about Snek

Today in Snek

It’s all about LenFi this week, of the 18 open liquidity request on Tuesday, 15 use Snek as collateral. And the total value locked continues to climb twords 6 billion.

Snek on X (Twitter)

Golfy is Typing…

We will reach a point where there will be a shortage of SNEK.. #1 wallet is now Lenfi.

Top Snek Wallet Balances

The Price of Snek

Price Change Since Yesterday: -1.38%

Total Snek Burned: 725,935,936

CurrencyPrice24h Volume

Wednesday… (08/02/2023)

Today in Snek

Today was a slow news day for Snek. The main thing that caught my attention was an announcement of an announcement about developments regarding the Snek Energy drink and that the monthly buy and burn stats from Minswap liquidity for July were coming soon. And there was some news that the long awaited Snek game would be also be here before you know it. 

Starting Wednesday we will started tracking the Total Value Locked on LenFi. You can see it below the daily price section

Snek on X (Twitter)

Golfy is Typing…

Golfy didn’t have anything to say today. 

The Price of Snek

Price Change Since Yesterday:  3.35%

Total Snek Burned:  725,935,936

Total Value Locked:  5.62 Billion

CurrencyPrice24h Volume

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Thursday… (08/03/2023)

Today in Snek

Big news today, the Snek Raffle has gone live and as with everything else Snek related, it was instantly a huge success. The raffle is drawn once a week and the entry fee is 20 ADA per ticket with the winner taking home 80% of the prize pool. 

Snek on X (Twitter)

Golfy is Typing…

We reached out to TapTools and made some changes Now you can clearly see:

LENFI Contract (now close to ~10%)
Snek Treasury
Snek Burn Address

Snek Addresses

The Price of Snek

Price Change Since Yesterday:  -2.88%

Total Snek Burned:  726,004,936

Total Value Locked:  6.18 Billion

CurrencyPrice24h Volume

Friday… (08/04/2023)

Today in Snek

It’s almost the end of the week and it’s been a tough week if you’ve been watching the charts. But don’t worry, the community is still overwhelmingly optimistic about the future of Snek, especially with the raffle now available and the game coming soon. 

Snek on X (Twitter)

Golfy is Typing…

Golfy didn’t have anything to say today. 

The Price of Snek

Price Change Since Yesterday-2.80%

Total Snek Burned:  726,015,685

Total Value Locked:  6.86 Billion

CurrencyPrice24h Volume

Saturday… (08/05/2023)

Today in Snek

Today we got some really interesting news about the Snek Energy drink and just how successful the pre-sale was. 

Snek on X (Twitter)

Golfy is Typing…

Golfy didn’t have anything to say today. 

The Price of Snek

Price Change Since Yesterday-3.38%

Total Snek Burned:  726,584,685

Total Value Locked:  6.81 Billion

CurrencyPrice24h Volume

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If you’re looking for something fun and Snek related to do, then check out Fidgetybeasts X (Twitter) spaces. They happen pretty consistently about every other day.

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