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(08/13/2023 to 08/19/2023)

This week in Snek, we received an update that the integration with ChangeNOW is slated for completion by month’s end. For those unfamiliar with ChangeNOW, it’s a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange platform that enables users to effortlessly swap among diverse cryptocurrencies without the need for account registration. Through this integration, Snek users will have the convenience of purchasing and selling Snek tokens directly on the Snek platform and other associated sites.

On the gaming front, we have updates regarding the Snek game. It’s still in the final stages of development, art is being finalized and it’s undergoing intensive testing to be sure that it’s the best game on the Cardano blockchain.

On a celebratory note, the total ADA trading volume for the Snek/ADA pair has soared past 800 million ADA, further solidifying Snek’s position as the leading traded native asset on the Cardano blockchain.

However, not all is rosy; a metadata glitch has temporarily paused the minting of new Snek Pic NFTs. Rest assured, the tech team is actively addressing the issue.

On a broader scale, the cryptocurrency market witnessed a downturn this week, resulting in decreased values for numerous cryptocurrencies. Despite this, the Snek community continues to thrive, reflecting the sustained enthusiasm and belief in the project.

You might also have observed that we’ve introduced a refreshed format for our newsletter this week. Our aim is to present the week’s updates in a more concise manner, ensuring you can quickly grasp the latest happenings in the Snek community.

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As always, if you’re new to the Snek community..

Our vision is to create a sustainable and inclusive token on the Cardano blockchain, providing a fun and rewarding experience to our community.

We think it is necessary to experiment, innovate, make mistakes, adapt and use the tools available to our advantage. We believe in the power of community as being the most important factor in the success of a project. Our #1 mission will always be to keep our holders happy and entertained in the most transparent and fairest way.

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Golfy Is Typing…


Golfy didn’t have anything to say today.


SNEK info has been upgraded on MEXC and we are now in the MEME category. — We spent the last months to build our project foundation. We tried things. I took the last week to really think about our current situation, what Snek is, what our community wants and how we can improve.

We will be implementing new stuff in the coming weeks and change our strategy/direction a bit.

My general thoughts 👇🏻

More for the community (we have one of the best communities on Cardano, we should use it and reward it more) Increase engagement with the community through more events/contests/ideas.

More benefits for Snek community coming from partnerships instead of internal utility (will also help for our visibility).

Better on-boarding for new comers (more info on our website, centralize everything in one place).

More memes, More fun, less “defi utility,” Be everywhere Time to go back to our roots. I have a feeling this Autumn will be awesome.


Golfy didn’t have anything to say today.


@Sneksss In preparation of an upcoming vote and for future votes We will be using Summon platform which take into consideration the amount of SNEK you hold Feel free to test the current vote. if you use a hot wallet it costs nothing to connect.


Golfy didn’t have anything to say today.


Golfy didn’t have anything to say today.


A fun stats that I saw today:

Among the 100 top holders in the last 7 days

5 wallets sold for a total of 175,000,000 SNEK

25 wallets bought for a total of 2,752,000,000 SNEK

Top 100 holders bought 16x more than they sold in the last week….

Raffle Winner


If you’re feeling lucky and think you could be next weeks winner, the drawing is every Thursday at 14:00. To enter visit and throw down 20 ADA per ticket. Good luck friends!

The Price of Snek


SUNDAY ₳0.000965 $0.000281 945,486 5.02
MONDAY ₳0.000979 $0.000285 281,609 1.26
TUESDAY ₳0.000969 $0.000280 535,736 -1.15
WEDNESDAY ₳0.000870 $0.000238 1,180,900 -10.53
THURSDAY ₳0.000850 $0.000235 686,141 -1.88
FRIDAY ₳0.000855 $0.000226 621,947 0.44
SATURDAY ₳0.000832 $0.000211 390,714 -1.93

SUNDAY ₳0.000965 5.02
MONDAY ₳0.000979 1.26
TUESDAY ₳0.000969 -1.15
WEDNESDAY ₳0.000870 -10.53
THURSDAY ₳0.000850 -1.88
FRIDAY ₳0.000855 0.44
SATURDAY ₳0.000832 -1.93

Snek Burn

SUNDAY 790,963,258
MONDAY 790,963,258
TUESDAY 790,963,258
WEDNESDAY 790,963,258
THURSDAY 790,963,258
FRIDAY 790,963,258
SATURDAY 790,963,258

Total Value Locked

SUNDAY 7.73 Billion
MONDAY 7.72 Billion
TUESDAY 7.72 Billion
WEDNESDAY 7.50 Billion
THURSDAY 7.53 Billion
FRIDAY 7.63 Billion
SATURDAY 7.63 Billion

This Weeks Memes

Things to do..

If you’re looking for something fun and Snek related to do, then check out Fidgetybeasts X (Twitter) spaces. They happen pretty consistently about every other day.

Space Pugs has a weekly (Saturday and Sunday) Snek poker game it starts at 5:00pm UTC. There is a 69 ADA buy-in (55 ADA buy-in + 14 ADA entry fee) and the game is hosted by Space Pugs. All entry fees go directly to the $snekbuyburn wallet.

If you would like to play:

  1. Join the Space Pugs Discord
  2. After you’ve joined, find and click on the channel “snek-info”
  3. There you will see full instructions on how to join this weekends games.
  4. Bounty: eliminate a team member and win 200,000 SNEK

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