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Welcome to Snek Week #5

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Welcome to another edition of Snek Week. This is our 5th issue and so far the response to our newsletter has continued to be nothing but positive. I really appreciate all the support from the community, you’re all great.

This week we continue to experiment with a new layout. We’re going to take a few of the elements from last week that we felt were successful and continue to improve them but we’re also going to introduce some new elements. 

In order to make the newsletter more readable, we’re going to continue our consolidation of news and daily activities into easier to digest and understand sections.

For example, this week, instead of taking a day-by-day approach to the things that are happening, we’re going to give you news and events in a more article like fashion. That means that were going to be discontinuing the breaking down the raids, X (Twitter) post and Golfy is typing from day-by-day into list and articles where applicable. 

In other Snek Week news, issue #6 and #7 will be delayed because I’m going to take some time off. But don’t worry, I’ll get back to keeping you up to date on all things Snek as soon as possible.

As always, if you’re new to the Snek community..

Our vision is to create a sustainable and inclusive token on the Cardano blockchain, providing a fun and rewarding experience to our community.

We think it is necessary to experiment, innovate, make mistakes, adapt and use the tools available to our advantage. We believe in the power of community as being the most important factor in the success of a project. Our #1 mission will always be to keep our holders happy and entertained in the most transparent and fairest way.

And now, let’s take a look at what happened this week in Snek, but first..

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This Week in Snek

(08/20/2023 to 08/26/2023)

This week Snek investors should be excited as Snek has climbed to the #3 spot on Lbank’s trending list. This significant increase in popularity indicates strong community interest and the potential to increase Sneks already record high trading volumes. Such a high ranking can only be considered as a positive sign for in such a highly competitive market as meme coins tends to be. Let’s not forget that Snek being a top trending coin on a major platform like Lbank is a significant achievement that highlights Sneks growing relevance. Let’s all hope that Snek is able to keep this momentum going and climb to #1 in the coming days and weeks. 

The Snek games development is also advancing but unfortunately is still not yet complete. The Snek game, because it’s far from being a conventional snake game is taking a bit longer to see its development completed. However, we will see exciting features like a play-to-earn system incorporated as well as customizable options, raffles, as well as unique designs highlighting the Snek character when the game is finally finished and ready to be played. Another factor that makes this game so exciting is that it will be powered by the innovative Paima engine and use Milkomeda to allow cross chain compatibility and play, which means even more people will be able to play and join the Snek community. 

Let’s take a look now at the current state of lending with Snek, as it stands this week, the loan pool for Snek has become increasingly limited with only 2200 ADA currently available for new loans. This balance will not be able to be replenished until existing borrowers have repaid their outstanding loans. The scarcity of loan resources could create a competitive environment for borrowers, who may feel pressure to act quickly in order to secure a loan. This could lead to borrowers accepting less favorable terms or making less informed decisions about their loans, so if you’re interested in taking out a loan, please use caution or just wait until more funds are available when some of the outstanding loans have been repaid. For those of you who want to keep an eye on just how much ADA is available to be loaned in exchange for Snek as collateral, the balance can be tracked by looking up the $snekfinance wallet on your favorite Cardano explorer. 

Also happening this week, not only should you be vigilant about checking your email for the latest Snek Week, you should also be vigilant about checking your email for the Snek Energy disclaimer. If you haven’t received it yet, just be patient, you will get it soon.  

Next time you visit the Snek website you should consider linking your wallet and connecting your Discord account. By doing so, you’ll be able to unlock new user roles that could grant you special privileges or exclusive access to certain community channels. This integration aims to create a more immersive and interactive experience, potentially offering perks that are not available to general users. 

And finally this week, the Snek team continues to be hard at work brainstorming and developing new features to further enhance the snek platform. Although they are actively in the development phase, they are keeping things under wraps for now, choosing to hold off on any official announcements. This secrecy could indicate that the team has something major and exciting in the pipeline that they aren’t ready to disclose just yet. But don’t forget just because there aren’t any new announcements this week, that doesn’t mean the project has stagnated; in fact it could actually suggests that the team is busy focusing on delivering a polished product that will meet or exceed user expectations when it’s finally unveiled.

This Weeks Raids

MONDAY LBank_Exchange
TUESDAY Fidgetybeast
WEDNESDAY societyperl
THURSDAY CryptoGnojek
SATURDAY  No Raids Today.

This Weeks X (Twitter)

SUNDAY 1 ·  2 ·  3 ·  4
MONDAY 1 ·  2 ·  3
TUESDAY 1 ·  2 ·  3 ·  4
WEDNESDAY 1 ·  2 ·  3
THURSDAY 1 ·  2 ·  3 ·  4 ·  5 ·  6
SATURDAY 1 ·  2 ·  3 ·  4

This Weeks Raffle Winner

₳9328 TICKET #3383

If you’re feeling lucky and think you could be next weeks winner, the drawing is every Thursday at 14:00. To enter visit and throw down 20 ADA per ticket. Good luck friends!

This Weeks Price of Snek


SUNDAY ₳0.000858 $0.000232
€0.000215 ₳465,627 -0.16
MONDAY ₳0.000828 $0.000218
₳347,552 -4.37
TUESDAY ₳0.000874 $0.000222 €0.000206
₳364,227 5.52
WEDNESDAY ₳0.000871 $0.000228 €0.00021
₳428,621 -0.45
THURSDAY ₳0.000880 $0.000233 €0.000215
₳192,133 0.83
FRIDAY ₳0.000860 $0.000223 €0.000206
₳224,226 -1.83
SATURDAY ₳0.000853
$0.000221 €0.000205 ₳177,086 -1.39

SUNDAY ₳0.000858 -0.16
MONDAY ₳0.000828 -4.37
TUESDAY ₳0.000874 5.52
WEDNESDAY ₳0.000871 -0.45
THURSDAY ₳0.000880 0.83
FRIDAY ₳0.000860 -1.83
SATURDAY ₳0.000853

This Weeks Snek Burn

SUNDAY 801,809,731
MONDAY 801,809,731
TUESDAY 801,809,731
WEDNESDAY 801,809,731
THURSDAY 801,809,731
FRIDAY 802,947,732
SATURDAY 802,947,732

This Weeks Total Value Locked

SUNDAY 7.73 Billion
MONDAY 7.73 Billion
TUESDAY 7.73 Billion
WEDNESDAY 8.15 Billion
THURSDAY 8.35 Billion
FRIDAY 8.55 Billion
SATURDAY 8.73 Billion

This Weeks Memes

This Weeks Things to do..

If you’re looking for something fun and Snek related to do, then check out Fidgetybeasts X (Twitter) spaces. They happen pretty consistently about every other day.

Space Pugs has a weekly (Saturday and Sunday) Snek poker game it starts at 5:00pm UTC. There is a 69 ADA buy-in (55 ADA buy-in + 14 ADA entry fee) and the game is hosted by Space Pugs. All entry fees go directly to the $snekbuyburn wallet.

If you would like to play:

  1. Join the Space Pugs Discord
  2. After you’ve joined, find and click on the channel “snek-info”
  3. There you will see full instructions on how to join this weekends games.
  4. Bounty: eliminate a team member and win 200,000 SNEK

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